Ahad, 23 Disember 2012

Devotees-Tika Dinihari =)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

InsyaAllah, I would like to share one of the song that like =)

Oh Tuhanku
Tiada indah di malam yg ini
Melainkan dengan bermunajat kepadamu
Tiada indah suatu hari yg Aku lalui
kecuali dengan patuh kepadamu

Oh Tuhanku
Tiada indah hidup di dunia
melainkan berzikir dan menyebut namamu
Tiada indah tiba di akhirat yang abadi
kecuali dengan kempunan mu

Ya Allah Tuhanku
Yg merubahkanku Tetapkanlah
Hatiku Moga sentiasa
Dalam Agamamu
Jua taat akan perintahmu

Usah bebankan kami 
Dengan bebanan yang berat
Yang pernah kau berikan
kepada umat yang terdahulu Dari kami

Jangan Pikulkan Kami
Yang tidak kami terdaya
Maafkan salah kesilapan
Ampunkanlah Dosa-Dosa
Rahmatilah Kami

Sabtu, 22 Disember 2012

Repent...One Solution

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

InsyaAllah I would like to share about REPENT or TAUBAT~

Who will REPENT and ask for FORGIVENESS?
The sinned servant....ONLY?

Why should ask for FORGIVENESS?
To be forgiven...ONLY?

To whom should ask for FORGIVENESS?
To Allah...ONLY?

How many times should us REPENT ourselves?

IMAN kita ada naik dan ada juga turunnya
Namun, as a MUKMIN... we could not accept the sin that had been done easily~
"Dosa ibarat gunung yang menghempap!"

But, for certain people...
They look SIN as a small matter, for them...
"Dosa ibarat lalat yang hinggap di hidung, dikuis hilang..."

So, as a MUKMIN sin must be followed with FORGIVENESS

But, sometimes people always questioning~
"Why should we ask for FORGIVENESS, if we might do the SIN again?"
---Then, why?

ALLAH got the answer =)

Actually, in SURAH AL-BAQARAH; 222
Allah stated that He loves His servant who ask for FORGIVENESS repeatedly...
The word 'TAWWAB' means for those who ask for FORGIVENESS repeatedly
It is different between 'TAWWAB' and 'TAIB'
which 'TAIB' means those who ask for FORGIVENESS...

Here, ALLAH give the answer for us again
ALLAH loves His servant who always REPENT even though they fall for many times,
But, if they keep doing their TAUBAT... ALLAH still love them

ALLAH never leave us =) 
He never betrayed us, But we are those who always betray HIM~

ALLAH never change the condition of a group of people, before they changed themselves...

So, my dear ikhwan and akhowat...
Let us change before it is too late~
ALLAH opened the wide skies for us who ask for His FORGIVENESS =)

That's never be too late to apologize...

Jumaat, 21 Disember 2012

IMAN... The Best Indicator

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear bloggers,
It had been a long time since I posted my last entry. I am deeply sorry because I had neglected my blog. Actually, around 9 months are used to focus on my SPM. But then it was really hard to start blogging, even facebooking is much more easier, of course =)

My break had started on last 4th December. 
It wasn't called school break, because I had finished my senior year in the secondary school. Now, I am waiting for my SPM results. ~Tawakkaltu 'Alallah~

Oh, I had finished reading a novel written by Hilal Asyraf (famous writer)
entintled SINERGI
He got his own writing skill, and I had addicted to his books
SINERGI is one of the best novel I had read...because most of the questions mumbled in my thoughts had been answered by this novel.

You wouldn't regret...have one, read and feel

is one and the most meaningful word repeatedly written in this novel.
Just after I read, I can understand by the way IMAN is translated in our life.
And here comes the differences between MUKMIN and MUSLIM.
To indicate and spot the differences, IMAN is the best indicator!

Not all MUSLIM is MUKMIN, but all MUKMIN is MUSLIM
But, in Al-Quranul Karim ALLAH always said " Ya ayyuhal Mukminun~"
Most of His firman, He said to all MUKMINUN...
Many of His servants who read Al-Quran, but only a little of them are able to practice it, and applicate in life...
The answer is; because of IMAN~

Only MUKMIN is able to practice and feel His messages in Al-Quran,
and IMAN is the key from our heart and interpret to our AMAL
IMAN cannot be simply said without any prove from AMAL

  Surah Al-Ankabut; 2-3
“ Apakah manusia itu Kami akan membiarkan mereka berkata; ‘Kami telah beriman’, sedangkan mereka belum diuji? Dan demi sesungguhnya, Kami telah menguji orang-orang yang terdahulu daripada mereka, maka (dengan ujian yang demikian), nyata apa yang diketahui Allah tentang orang-orang yang sebenar-benarnya beriman, dan nyata pula apa yang diketahui-Nya tentang orang-orang yang berdusta.”

~So, everything that we do in our life is reflected from our IMAN
To know how is our IMAN is by observed AMAL 
By this we also can conclude why, even though we know about it but we do not practice it in our life.
The answer is our IMAN~

From Surah Al-Anfal;2 ~
The condition of MUKMIN and his IMAN...

  Surah Al-Anfal;2
“Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang beriman itu (yang sempurna imannya) ialah mereka yang apabila disebut nama Allah (dan sifat-sifat-Nya) gementarlah hati mereka; dan apabila dibacakan kepada mereka ayat-ayat-Nya, menjadikan mereka bertambah iman, dan kepada Tuhan mereka jualah mereka berserah.”

Let us pray to ALLAH to increase our IMAN level and preserve us in His deen~