Khamis, 16 September 2010

Memory of Eidul Fitr Mubarak...


Di sini ingin sekali saya kongsi bersama beberapa gambar family saya masa hari raya tahon 2010
gambar yang selebihnya gagal untuk diuploadkan...
asif jiddan..insyaAllah
jika berkesempatan...Allah akan permudahkan...(''_)

Gambar ibu & ayah saye mase first raye
My beloved family :))
Atuk ngan nenek
Me..kakak and Asyraf...
Keluarga besar sebelah atuk
cucu2 atuk only
Anak + menantu atuk
Sekian sahaja gambar2 yang telah sukses di upload....Alhamdulillah..:)
Semoga Hari2 akan datang disambut dengan gemilang dan dipenuhi kesyukuran..

Hayya Ila-Najah Bahiran...

~ With the name of the most Powerful who Created us and This Beautiful World~
_Allah Azza Wa Jalla_

Assalamualaikum warah matullah alaikum...

Let us pray together for the Blessing and Barakah 
from the Most Powerful....InsyaAllah


 at last I able to write in my beloved blog...
after almost one month I never write anything useful here
I guess, i have many things to share with.....

Let's start with the simplest topic...

Questioning yourself???
What the topic will be...
Actually, not so important to talk about

But these things are very interesting....surely
Little bit special for me....
About something that attracted me to know more about it...
and the most important is....

First of all...
there are some some attractive....i really love the melody and also the lyrics...
  1. UNIC- Insan Bernama Kekasih
  2. UNIC- Mahligai Kasih
  3. UNIC- Mencari Yang Maha Satu
  4. UNIQUE- Binnabil Huda
  5. DEVOTEES- Mahar Cinta
  6. FAR EAST- Cinta Pertama
  7. MAHER ZAIN- Barakallah lakuma
  8. MAHER ZAIN- Hold My Hands
  9. HIJJAZ- Erti Persahabatan Ini
  10. HIJJAZ- Munajat Seorang Hamba
* Very best....meaningful lyrics...*
Secondly...the last one..

some islamic books...published by Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd.
written by famous writer, Fatimah Syarha Mohd Noordin and her husband, 
Dr. Farhan Hadi Hj. Mohd Taib
Fatimah Syarha and Dr. Farhan Hadi

  • Pemilik Cintaku Setelah Allah dan Rasul, by Fatimah Syarha

  • Denyut Kasih Medik, by Dr. Farhan Hadi

# Each pages contains useful knowledge for muslims...#

End of this topics...Let's move....

Get one question to ask...
how's my last trial????
---Guess...A bad result....of course---

Extremely dropped....(8a and 1c)
24th place from 14th place, last mid term...
But, Alhamdulillah, it is a gift from Allah

As I tought, that I will be bad...
I've never finish doing my revision...
But...Allah still inspire me...
He give me 'ilham' so that I could answer those questions

Although, I realize that I cannot just hope for help from Allah
I should work harder....
PMR...9A!!!! ( I can see the 'A' is coming )

I trust that Allah will Always be There besides me
He always guide me...although I always far from Him
But, He never left me...
Thank You Allah....

Luckily...He still accepting me...


* I really hoping that I can do my best in PMR and achieve 9A's*
---and also the best for all PMR 2010 candidates---
_Please pray for my success_InsyaAllah
# Only Allah can repay all this #

~ evenwhathappenned He knowsbetterthanus...tryourbestandprayforoursuccess ~

that it wasn't
to late for me to 
wish all of you especially

^ ukhwah fillah abadan abada...thanks for visiting my blog...^
---any comment is still need to improve ourselves to be a good servant, child, students, friend and muslims---